Tools and Utilities for Department of Posts
Sanchay Post Data Extraction tool for SO (RD,MIS & SCS) released on 14-07-2011; Version 2.2    * * *    Data Import tool for SBCO updated on 14-07-2011; Version 2.2    * * *    Setting SO/BO accounts updated on 14-07-2011    * * *    Clearing Multiple BO and NREGS Job Card No references. updated on 14-07-2011

Tools & Utilities

Tools for testing


Online PSD

       This is the site for tools and utilities for department of posts. Here you can find several DOP application utilities for fast processing, clearing the descripancies etc.,

       These tools/utilities are tested on developers system only. if you wish to use these tools, test these tools by taking backup of your data or in another dummy server/client machines. If bugs/problems found pls forward the feed back to my e-mail.

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Developed by : Ananda Kumar K G
Postal Assistant / System Administrator, Kunigal 572130.
email : anand.knlpo@gmail.com / anand.dopsa@gmail.com